A letter to guys wanting to date bigger girls but afraid to.

no image card - A letter to guys wanting to date bigger girls but afraid to.
I am 26 and I prefer bigger girls.Notice how I said “prefer” it is a preference not a fetish and I have specific reasons I feel are hardwired into my brain.I am 26 5’9 170 lbs and in relatively good shape.I cannot tell you how many times my friends show me pics of women that they fawn over while i’m feeling less than turned on.”dude isnt she so hot””Yeah I guess”I cant tell you when I developed my preference, but I can tell you it has always been there. Ever since I was a child i simply preferred bigger girls. Not Morbidly obese, but usually bigger girls than average. I would say BBW or a little under.My family and I are very close and ever since i have remembered they have criticized or mocked overweight women.My father even told me one of my girlfriends was fat one time, but looking back he’s a fucking prick and isnt in my life at all right now. lol So for a long time, I was really choosey about the kind of women I dated. I dated really thin women I guess to overcompensate for this desire I had. I would look at guys out in public when I was younger with bigger girls and just imagine myself being with a girl that size. What do I find attractive about them? Simply the extra weight. The softness, the roundness of bellies, big breasts, thick thighs, the whole bit. To me its incredibly feminine and offers such a contrast from my body. And cuddling with a bigger girl is insanely comfortable.It is now after I have turned 26 and all of my friends are getting married, having kids and settling down that I am starting to realize, the kind of women I like is irrelevant to others’ happiness. It’s up to me the kind of girl I wish to date I say this because so many guys are like me, living in the “fat” closet. lol. What they dont realize, is women are more than just their bodies. They talk, they have desires and passions, and their weight is completely irrelevant to how well they treat you and how well you treat them. Everyone deserves respect until proven otherwise.So I say all of this because I had an incredible date with a bigger girl last night. A night that I havent had in a long time. Of course she’s a bigger girl, but we really bonded and got along quite well together. So much so she ended up inviting me back to her place and we just let the night escalate. 😉 Mind blowing sex and cuddles. We both really bonded, and now I will be unafraid to introduce her to family and friends because by me being with her, they will just kind of know. Just like when you see a guy that only dates asian girls or gingers. There doesn’t need to be a stigma to any of this, it’s simply a preference. Dont make yourself miserable because of what other people think of you. If you want to date a bigger girl, just fucking do it. Remember they are HUMAN beings too. Fuck what your friends/family think. Most of the time no one gives a shit anyways. lmao.

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